41st Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference

The Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference advances the sexual health and well-being of Canadians and the global community by providing evidence-based information, education and training designed to engage practitioners in diverse fields related to sexual health.

When: June 20th & 22nd 2019

Where: Rozanski Hall: University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario

For more information, see: http://guelphsexualityconference.ca/

University of Alberta: Certificate in Sexual Health

Sexual Health Education

The Online Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health is designed for current and aspiring professionals across health and education disciplines and will be of interest to those working in health, education, government and non-for-profit sectors. The aim of this program is to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to facilitate learners to become best practice professionals in sexual health and to become proficient in the sexual health field.

ASPSH Workshop: Teaching About Human Sexuality

This online workshop prepares participants to teach about human sexuality and sexual health in schools and/or the community.

When: February 25 – March 22 2019

Where: Online, all participants welcome

For more information, see: https://www.aspsh.ca/product-page-o5gl7/teaching-about-human-sexuality-2