The following resources can all be adapted to use with children and youth with disabilities. It is important to choose resources that fit the learning style of the child you are working with. Some of the tools are hands on and can provide the opportunity to touch and feel helping to develop familiarity.


Calgary Area Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinics for Youth


Youth under the age of 18 can seek and consent to medical care independently if they understand the nature and consequences of the treatment/procedure. The youth is then considered to be a mature minor.


Doctors and registered nurses can see people:

  • 24 years old or younger
  • with barriers to service (e.g., no Alberta Health Care, can’t afford birth control, English is not first language)
  • that need special services like pregnancy options support, diaphragm fitting, or emergency contraception

Alberta healthcare insurance or personal identification is NOT required to visit a Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic.

It is recommended to book an appointment for:

  • Pregnancy options decision support (drop in or by appointment).
  • IUD insertion and counselling. You may need 2 appointments.  The first is to get information and see if an IUD is right for you.  The second appointment is to have the IUD put in.

Confidential, drop-in sexual health services for youth including:

  • birth control information, prescriptions, and supplies
  • emergency contraception
  • pregnancy options decision support (e.g., parenting, adoption, abortion).
  • pregnancy tests
  • care after sexual assault
  • Pap tests
  • STI testing and treatment
  • post abortion check-ups
  • HPV vaccination information and prescriptions

Calgary and area clinic locations


It is recommended to call clinics in advance to confirm they are open.

Downtown Clinic:


Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre – 5th Floor

1213 – 4th Street S.W.

Phone: (403) 955-6500

Mon to Thurs: 1 – 5:15 p.m.

Fri & Sat: 12 noon – 3:30 p.m.


Sunridge Clinic:

Sunridge Proffessional Building – 4th Floor

406, 2675-36 St N.E.

Phone: (403) 944-7666

Mon to Thurs: 1 – 5:15 p.m.

Fri & Sat: 12 noon – 3:30 p.m.


South Clinic:

South Calgary Health Centre – Main Floor

31 Sunpark Plaza S.E.

Phone: (403) 943-9510

Mon: 1 – 5:15 p.m.

Tues: 4 – 7:30 p.m.

Fri: 12 noon – 3:30 p.m.


For more information on Alberta Health Services Sexual & Reproductive Health Clinics in Calgary, see our PowerPoint Tour:


East Clinic:

East Calgary Family Care Clinic

4715-8 Avenue S.E.

Phone: (403) 955-1431

Tues & Thur 12:30-5:00pm


Okotoks Teen/Young Adult Clinic:

11 Cimarron Common, Okotoks

Phone: (403) 995-2670

Thurs: 12 – 6 p.m.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinics and Services across Alberta and Canada


For a list of Sexual Health Centres go to ahs.ca\srh.


For a list of STI clinics and Sexual Health Centres go to sexgerms.ca.


For a list of service providers across Canada go to Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.




Disclaimer for Responsibility Regarding Links to Other Sites:
Users are able to link from TASCC.ca to many other sites that present information on sexual and reproductive health. Although these links have been carefully selected, TASCC.ca does not necessarily endorse the content of these sites, nor does it assume any liability for any information on those sites. The content of linked sites may change periodically and without notice. These sites contain evidence based information on a variety of sexual health topics, including contraception, STI, HIV & AIDS, safer sex, healthy sexuality etc.


Abortion Services


Comprehensive Sites


HIV and AIDs


  • Canadian Aboriginal AIDS network
    Information, advocacy and health promotion on the topic of HIV & AIDS in aboriginal communities.
  • Canadian HIV Legal Network
    Promotes and protects human rights and dignity of those affected by or living with HIV and AIDS.
  • HIV Community Link
    Community education for the public on safer sex practices to reduce the risk of getting or spreading HIV. Advocacy and support services for people affected by HIV and AIDS.
  • Tipi of Courage
    HIV prevention projects and education within Aboriginal communities.

International Information


Menstrual Cycle and Menopause


    Information regarding all aspects of menstrual cycle and menopause, including online question and answer and tracking charts.
  • Menopause and You
    Menopause information in an accessible, interactive, multimedia site.



  • Kids Health (USA)
    Easily accessible site for parents, professionals and young people on a variety of health topics, including puberty.

Sexual Assault, Abuse, Violence


Sexual and Gender Diversity


  • EGALE Canada
    Advocacy and information on human rights regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • PFLAG Canada
    Support, education, information and resources for parents, friends and LGBTQ community.
  • Trans Equality Society of Alberta (TESA)
    Advocacy and education group for trans* issues in Alberta. Resources, support and events for trans individuals and their families. Links include medical information about transitioning and identity documents.

Sexually Transmitted Infections


Slang Definitions


  • Urban Dictionary
    May support professional staff to understand some slang terms for anatomy and sexual behaviors. Please note that many of the definitions on this site are very explicit and graphic.

Teaching and Education


TASCC Talks & Videos


1. This TASCC Talk addresses frequently asked questions about sexuality and disability.



2. Introduction to Sexuality and Disability – Module 1, PowerPoint 2



3. Exploring Values and Sexuality – Module 1, PowerPoint 3



4. Sexual Development in Children and Youth – Module 2, PowerPoint 1



5. Puberty Changes – Module 2, PowerPoint 2



6. Hygiene and Self Care – Module 2, PowerPoint 3



7. Healthy Boundaries – Module 3, PowerPoint 1



8. Touch and Personal Space – Module 3, PowerPoint 2




Puberty Kit


The puberty kit is a tool that can be used to support teaching about puberty and personal hygiene. School, community agencies or families can use the list of contents included in the information below to put together their own kits.  Having actual products as a tactile object for youth to see and feel can enhance learning and familiarity.  If some items are hard to obtain, a photo or picture will work – please see the photos below.

Birth Control Kit


The birth control kit is a tool that can be used to help teach about contraceptives and STI protection. It can be used in a group or with individuals. Having the items available to see and touch helps people gain comfort and familiarity. Birth control kits can sometimes be borrowed from community health units or purchased from educational suppliers.