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Welcome to TASCC

We are a group of interdisciplinary professionals representing Alberta Health Services – Sexual & Reproductive Health (Calgary Zone); the University of Calgary, Faculty of Nursing; and the Alberta Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health (ASPSH). We are committed to supporting healthy sexuality in Canadian communities and promoting healthy sexuality throughout the lifespan.

“Although the issue (of sexual health) is vital for all children and youth with intellectual disabilities, it is especially important for youth transitioning from teenagers to adults as it provides them with self-care and safety skills necessary for healthy relationships in adulthood.”


“It’s pretty hard when you’re a youth, right? Like I was raised in foster care… I was never taught anything about sex, and I had to learn on my own, which is really hard… There’s a lot of confusion with that, you know?”


“Service providers really need current, up-to-date, basic information. Particularly about STIs… The basic overview – what’s normal, what’s abnormal, where you should go, how you should get treated, what kind of follow-up you need to have in the area of STI.”



The purpose of TASCC is to provide a venue for parents and service providers to access current resources and information that reflects best practice in sexual health education and promotion. TASCC offers practical tools and strategies for working with high risk youth and youth with disabilities. TASCC is a platform for online training, a vehicle for knowledge transfer, and a sexual health resource for service providers, parents and their youth.



TASCC provides information and tips for parents and service providers to talk about sexual development, relationships, healthy boundaries, pregnancy, birth control, STIs and sexual diversity.



TASCC provides support through our online question box and extensive collection of FAQs.



The information and web links will help you to find clinical and education resources. The packages, fact sheets, information sheets and kits will help you to talk about sexuality with your youth.

The Latest

Guess what?! TASCC has been redesigned and is now mobile friendly. Also, TASCC now includes accessible and easy to use information, resources and tips for parents and service providers of youth with disabilities. Click here to explore the youth with disabilities portal.

“It’s important to tell children about the changes
that are taking place in their body and it’s important
that parents and staff are aware
of how to help children understand.”


John, Dad





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